Organic Wheatgrass Plus

Papaya Enzyme • 木瓜酵素

The papaya is enriched with protein, minerals, amino acids, carotenes, vitamin C, B-vitamins, etc. Most notably, papaya contains a unique ingredient: papaya enzyme.

木瓜含大量的蛋白质、矿物质、胺基酸、胡萝卜素、维生素C、B群等,更宝贵的是木瓜独有的成份 : 木瓜酵素

Major benefits of papaya enzyme / 木瓜酵素主要功能:

  • Dissolves fat / 分解脂肪
  • Breaks down protein / 分解蛋白质
  • Burns carbohydrate / 分解淀粉
  • Antiseptic & Anti-inflammation / 抗菌消炎
  • Softens tumours / 软化肿瘤
  • Promotes blood circulation & removes blood stasis / 活血化瘀
  • Encourages digestion & absorption / 促进消化吸收
  • Improves metabolism / 促进新陈代谢

Ingredients (Certified Organic) / 内含成分 (有机认证):

Wheatgrass Powder (whole plant), Papaya Powder / 全棵小麦草,木瓜粉。

Direction Of Use / 饮用方法 :

Mix one packet into 150ml water (avoid hot water), ready to serve. (2-3 packets daily)

Daily Consumption / 每日饮用量:

First Enzyme
  • The King Of Alkaline Food 碱性食品之王
  • Green Blood 绿色的血液
  • Blood Cleansing Agent 血液的清道夫
  • The Remedy For Acidic Body 酸性体质的克星

The King Of Alkaline Food

Human blood cells are very similar to chlorophyll molecules. There is iron (Fe) element in the nucleus of hemoglobin while there is magnesium (Mg) element in the nucleus of chlorophyll. That’s why the chlorophyll molecules are transformable into hemoglobin. Therefore, wheatgrass is also known as the ‘green blood’ which helps blood building and improves symptoms of anemia.

Information from : Dr. Hans Frischer (The Nobel Prize Winner for Red Blood Cell Research)

人体血液分子和叶绿素分子结构非常相似,血红素中心细胞核是铁元素(Fe) ,叶绿素是镁元素(Mg) ,所以叶绿素能转化成血红素,因此小麦草也被称为“绿色的血液”,能提高造血功能,改善贫血。

资料来自 :汉斯博士(诺贝尔奖得主 – 红血球细胞研究)

Best time to consume Organic Wheatgrass Plus

  1. Drink a glass of Organic Wheatgrass Plus when the food enters your stomach.
    当食物吃进入胃时, 同时喝一杯【有机小麦草】
  2. Organic Wheatgrass Plus will be ingested and absorbed in your stomach within a duration of 2 – 4 hours.
    【有机小麦草】与食物在胃里一起被吸收和消化, 长达2至4小时。
  3. Organic Wheatgrass Plus rapidly neutralizes the chemicals in the food you consume, flushes the harmful toxins from your body and reduces the risk of modern lifestyle diseases.
    【有机小麦草】能迅速中和食物中的化学物, 排除有毒物质, 减低患上文明病的机率。

Possible Diseases Cause by Acidic Body / 酸性体质可能引发的病症

  • Cancer / 癌症
  • Stroke /中风
  • Constipation /便秘
  • Piles / 痔疮
  • Gallstone / 胆石
  • Hyperurecimia /尿酸
  • Oedema /水肿
  • Black spots /黑斑
  • Hepatitis /肝炎
  • Hypertension /高血压
  • Heart diseases /心脏病
  • Diabetes /糖尿病
  • Obesity /肥胖症
  • Arthritis /关节炎
  • Epilepsy /癫痫症
  • Anemia /贫血症
  • Pimples /青春痘
  • Skin inflammation /皮肤炎
  • Kidney diseases / 肾脏病
  • Hypercholesterolemia /高胆固醇
  • Gastric & intestinal ulcer /肠胃溃疡
  • Dysplasia / 发育不良
  • Dyspepsia /消化不良
  • Dementia /老人失忆症
  • Arteriosclerosis /动脉阻塞
  • Hormonal disorder /荷尔蒙失调
  • Fatigue /缺乏精力
  • Hypertriglyceridemia /高三酸肝油脂

The Miracle of Wheatgrass / 小麦草的神奇功

  • Anti-aging / 抗老化
  • Prevent cancer / 防止癌症
  • Prevent stroke / 防止中风
  • Prevent grey hair / 防止白发
  • Improve gout / 改善痛风
  • Improve anemia / 改善贫血
  • Improve black spots / 改善黑斑
  • Skin whitening / 美白肌肤
  • Relieve constipation / 治疗便秘
  • Help weight reduction / 帮助减肥
  • Improve hypertension / 改善高血压
  • Prevent heart diseases / 防止心脏病
  • Prevent diabetes / 防止糖尿病
  • Prevent skin cancer / 防止皮肤癌
  • Remove acne / 清除青春痘
  • Balances hormones / 平衡荷尔蒙
  • Balances acidic body / 平衡酸性体质
  • Remove body toxins / 清除体内毒素
  • Remove oral toxins / 清除口腔毒素
  • Improve blood circulation / 改善血液循环
  • Relieve muscle soreness / 改善肌肉酸痛
  • Promote hair growth / 促进毛发生长
  • Accelerate wound healing / 加速伤口愈合
  • Increase metabolic rate / 提高新陈代谢率

The experts say about Wheatgrass

  • A tonic drink for all chronic diseases
  • Effective for cancer patients
  • Cures my colon ulcers
  • Revitalizes my body
  • Stocks up vital energy for ailing and exhausted people
  • Removes toxins in blood and enhances immune system
  • Add radiance and shine to your hair
  • Cleanses and improves skin flexibility
  • Instantly heals cuts, wounds and bruises
  • Helps bed-ridden patients walk again with renewed vigour
  • Cheers you up, makes you look good & feel good with luminous eyes
  • Make a smart choice. Consume wheatgrass to keep you away from diseases and maintain a healthy body

Dr. Ann Wigmore – America Natural Therapist
安.威格摩尔博士 – 美国自然疗法医师

  • Containing more than 100 active ingredients, wheatgrass is a nutrient-rich plant with proven benefits.
  • Studies revealed that wheatgrass is enriched with various nutrients which help boost energy level and prevent diseases

Dr. G. H. Earp Thomas – America Soil Scientist & Bot
尔普.汤玛斯博士 – 土壤科学家和植物学家

  • The chlorophyll in wheatgrass enhances heart function
  • Chlorophyll is the concentrated essence derived from solar energy

Dr.Bircher-Benner – Well-known Swiss Nutritionist
贝却博士 – 瑞士著名营养学家

  • Take a deep breath when you consume the wheatgrass drink. This helps our body absorb more oxygen to improve blood circulation for easy transportation of oxygen to each and every cell while increasing the number of red corpuscles

Dr.Otto Waburg (MD Germany) – The Nobel Prize Winner for Cancer Research
华堡医学博士(德国医学博士) – 诺贝尔奖得主 – 癌症研究